About Us



CPS is uniquely positioned to provide clients over 30 years of experience in relevant lean and synchronous production process knowledge.  Through process improvements we’ve consistently identified unique solutions that reduce waste, cycle time and complexity that achieve above planned outcomes.

In 2020, CPS added a full-line of corporate identity services with this expertise.  We now differentiate ourselves by providing print and promotional products as additional tangible solutions to these process improvement strategies.  We first listen to our customers and work to understand their needs and objectives.  We then identify the best process to complete their project with the highest level of quality, efficiency and cost.

We are grateful to our customer-partners who put their trust in our relationship to help build their brand.  It is a pleasure and privilege to work with them and gratifying to deliver solutions to meet their goals.  We see each project as a unique opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship.  This is what drives our Energy.


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